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OARS Racing - Ladies Race


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Hosted by Tred Avon Yacht Club

102 West Strand, Oxford, MD 21654 410.226.5269

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102 West Strand, Oxford, MD 21654 410.226.5269

Notice Board

Offical Notice Board


1 June 2023

See the High Pt Scoring under documents.  Attempt will be made to keep this current, but it is a manual document.  


Race Date PRO / Skipper assignment updated 17 May 2023

Race Date PRO / Skipper assignment
1 May 5 Warning 1800 Dave Pulzone
2 MAY 12 Warning 1800 Pete Bailey
3 MAY 19 Warning 1800 Bob Greenlee
  MAY 26 No Race no race
4 JUNE 2 Warning 1800 filled
5 JUNE 9 Warning 1800 Gordon Fronk
6 JUNE 16 Warning 1800 William German
7 JUNE 23 Warning 1800 Art Dent
8 JUNE 30 Warning 1800 filled
9 JULY 7 Warning 1800 Bob Greenlee
10 JULY 14 Warning 1800 Richard Griner
11 JULY 21 Warning 1800 Mike Rust
12 JULY 28 Night Race - Warning 2000 Ken Davis
13 AUGUST 4 Ladies’ Race - Warning 1800 Chris Kalinski / Bob Greenlee
  AUGUST 11 No Race no race
14 AUGUST 18 Warning 1800 Elliot Wilson
15 AUGUST 25 Warning 1800 Drew Kellogg
16 SEPTEMBER 1 Warning 1730 Matt & Jenny Joyce
17 SEPTEMBER 8 Warning 1730  
18 SEPTEMBER 15 Warning 1730 Eric Crawford
19 SEPTEMBER 22 Warning 1730  
20 SEPTEMBER 29 Warning 1730 Bob Bennett


16 May 2023

To view the elapsed and corrected times for any PHRF race, just click on the race number(ie R1,R2, etc) on the results page, and the scoring sheet format will switch to corrected, delta, and elasped times.  

1 Feb 2023

The Oxford Amateur Racing Series was founded on the concept of fun, and is open to all skippers sailing a mono-hull with a minimum overall length of 18 feet.


The fleets are scored in two divisions: spinnaker and non-spinnaker. Races are held off the Tred Avon Yacht Club on Friday evenings, with a start time of 6:00 PM, earlier as the days get shorter in September -- see Race Instructions. There is no format for filing protests in OARS competition. Participants are expected to know the racing rules and abide by them.


Registration, a PHRF rating and sail #'s are required for participation. Annual dues are $75 per boat. 


The racing season is celebrated with an annual awards dinner in which "Great Oars" are presented to the winners of each division.


Tred Avon YC members, please use the member charge and use your name in member number.   


Please check back frequently as this is the Offical Notice Board.


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