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Canadian 2.4mR Championships 2021



Canadian 2.4mR Championships 2021


3475 Ripon Road, Victoria, BC

Notice Board

The Royal Victoria Yacht Club and its 2.4 Fleet are looking forward to hosting our 2.4 friends from across Canada and hopefully some of our friends from the USA, too.


Please register for the Canadian 2.4mR Championship now and not pay the registration fee until closer to the event.


Royal Vic members are encouraged to put their charges on their YC account. Just pick 'Member' when you begin your registration.



2.4mR Canadian Championship

Actions by thr RC

Race 2 - Can 66 NSC

Saturday September 11

AP over A displayed at 1430hrs. Racing cancelled for the day. 


Protest Time Limit

 Sunday September 12: 16:47

Saturday September 11th: 15:30

Friday September 10th: 17:35



Request from Can 22 for haul out and repair approved per John Abel PRO.  Dated Sep 10, 1830 hrs



2.4mR Canadian Championship

Sept 10 – 12, 2021

Protest System Links

1. File a hearing request or request for redress:

2. Submit a Scoring Inquiry:

3. Hearing Schedule:

4. Hearing decision summary:

5. Scoring Inquiry summary:



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Entry List

Canadian 2.4mR Championships 2021 registrations.

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