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Oxford Regatta - Star - Green Star & Shields Classes


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Hosted by Tred Avon Yacht Club

102 West Strand, Oxford, MD 21654 410.226.5269

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102 West Strand, Oxford, MD 21654 410.226.5269

Notice Board

Offical Notice Board

12 August 

Star / Shields Signal boat docking 1615
Protest deadline 1715


19 July 2023

Change to NoR Schedule; Sunday, August 13
First Warning 1000
No Warning after 1330


1 Feb 2023

Welcome to the Tred Avon Yacht Club in Oxford Md for the 2023 Oxford Regatta. We are situtated on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland, racing on the Tred Avon and Choptank Rivers. 


We welcome the Stars and Shields sailing on the inside Choptank course, South and West of Choptank Light. 


Star Class- This regatta will also be the D2 Green Star regatta.  All Novice Skippers please note in your registration.

23.7.1. A Novice Skipper is one who has never as a skipper won any series honor that is higher than a Green event honor, or as a skipper won a Green event.  Please reply Yes or No at registration.  


Please remember, Harliegh awardsa are Coat & Tie and summer dresses. 


Please be advised, the speed limit in Oxford begins a mile out of town and it strictly enforced at 25MPH. The NEW Chief would like to meet you, but not with a ticket!


Please check back frequently as this is the Offical Notice Board.


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