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2023 505 ECC



2023 505 ECC


505 Newport Fleet

Sakonnet Yacht Club, Little Compton, RI

Notice Board

(Notice #1 03052023) 

Registration is now open

This event is open to all current members of the 505 Class who have paid the
entry fee and completed the entry form.
Boats may enter the event by registering before August 18, 2023 online at

Entry fees are $265. Entry fee after August 1 will be $265. 
The fees include dinner Friday and Saturday night.



(Notice #2 03242023) 

  1. Amendment 1 to the Notice of Race (NOR) is posted.
  2. A revised version of the NOR (including Amendment 1) is posted.
  3. Participants who are registered as of this date, may request a refund if they do not wish to participate under the revised NOR.
  4. The Sailing Instructions have been taken down. The sailing instructions will be revised to conform to Amendment 1 of the Notice of Race.
  5. A revised version of the Sailing Instructions will be reposted after 1600 on August 1, 2023.



(Notice #3 08012023)

Notice #1 has been modified. Entry Fee after August 1 will be $265 (No late fee)



(Notice #4 08252023) 

AP hoisted 1115

intend to review weather every 30 minutes and report changes to the fleet  



(Notice #5 08252023) 

AP over A hoisted 1315

No racing today

intend to announce schedule for tomorrow by 1730 tonight by voice (in the tent) and by notice board posting.



(Notice #6 08252023) 

Dinner schedule change:

hors d'oeuvres /beer 1530






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2023 505 ECC registrations.

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