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Area L Qualifier for the Sears Cup


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Hosted by The Sailing Foundation

Willamette Sailing Club

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Willamette Sailing Club

Notice Board

Please note the following:

  • Review the eligibility criteria and championship conditions in the NOR closely. 
    • Sailors must be under 19 (can't turn 19 in 2022)
    • US Sailing membership required for all team members
  • A $500 damage deposit is required for each team. This will be collected on Saturday morning.
  • Thistles will be allocated in a first come first served order. This will be determined based on the order of completed/paid registrations recieved. Initial number of entries accepted will be 6. More space may become available subject to sourcing additional Thistles.
  • Clubs/orgs will only recieve one charter prior to June 1. After June first, remaining charters may be allocated to secondary teams in a first come first served order.
  • A team is allowed to supply its own class legal Thistle. Personally owned/supplied boats will be entered randomly into the round robin. Supplying your own Thistle does not exempt a team from the damage deposit requirement. 
  • Due to limited availability, only teams that are 100% committed to attending the Sears Finals (Aug. 8-12 @ Macatawa Bay, MI) should participate. 
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