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JSA Malcolm McIntyre Team Race 2023


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Hosted by JSA of LIS

SUNY Maritime College, 6 Pennyfield Avenue, Throggs Neck, NY, USA

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SUNY Maritime College, 6 Pennyfield Avenue, Throggs Neck, NY, USA

Notice Board

Waitlist: as of 12 noon July 6, all ten of the team slots are filled. If you are interested in possibly registering as a waitlisted team, please please email John Lombard <>


Added team members: Substitutes or alternates shoukd be entered by selecting the "Added Team Member" class and completing the check-out free of charge for each sailor (they will automatically be catagorized as a skipper, but we can change that in the offline participant list).


Registering for a team race using Clubspot requires special procedures:

Entries should be made only by sailing program managers (parents of sailors, please ask the program to register your sailors).

- First, register your six person team as three boats, each with skipper and crew, at $215/boat or $$645 total per three-boat team. In the Team Name box type your team's name. In the Sail Number box type #1, #2 or #3 to label each boat in your team. 

- Next, register the team's coach(es) for free and name their team, so we know to which team each coach is assigned.

- Additional teams may also be entered for each program and such teams will be accepted if space is available after the regular entry deadline.

- If some programs want to join with another program to create a mixed team combining sailors from two or three programs, please email John Lombard <>


Teams:  A team consists of 3 boats. Each program whose entry is accepted must send one team each day of the regatta with six(6) sailors, plus alternate sailors and their coach(es). A maximum of 10 teams will be accepted; see the procedure for allocating teams to available boats in NoR 2.5. Sailors may arrive at SUNY Maritime College by land - at the end of the NoR are driving directions to the Sailing Center at McMurray Hall.


Extended entry dates: Regular entry thouugh July 3. Entry closes at 6 pm July 7 (see notice of entry date extension)


Support Boats: Please review the Notice of Race that describes the need to bring support boats by water, or launch from a nearby marina. Coaches must bring support boats that have the legal capacity to carry all members of their team when waiting between races. 


- July 8: 9:00-9:30 AM Registration at the Sailing Center in McMurray Hall. Racing for the day will end between 4 PM and 5 PM depending on wind. The Race Committee may end racing at any time either day due to unfavorable conditions or for any other reason.
- July 9: 9:00-9:30 AM Rig and Skippers' Meeting. The end time on Sunday will not be later than 4 PM, and may be earlier depending on the ability to complete all scheduled races. All competitors are requested to stay during awards at the end of the day on Sunday.




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