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Brant Beach YC Interclub 2022



Brant Beach YC Interclub 2022


Long Beach Island NJ

Notice Board

Even though you have registered, all sailors still need to check-in at the event well before 9:00am. Sailors must bring a lunch and water. Breakfast will be provided.  No refunds. 


IMPORTANT: This year's waiver is part of the registration process. Please read the Waiver carefully, click that you agree to the Waiver and type in your full name as your e-signature. The Waiver can be viewed or printed from here as well: LBIYRA WAIVER LINK. Club420 Teams: Both skipper and crew must have completed waivers to participate.  


When registering Optimist sailors, place them in their respective colored division below for each interclub based on their age the day of the first interclub, so that sailor will remain in that division color for the entire season.  This slightly modifies the normal USODA Optimist Red/White/Blue divisions as follows:  

  • White - Ages 10 and under on the day of the first interclub

  • Blue - Ages 11-12 on the day of the first interclub

  • Red  - Ages 13-15 on the day of the first interclub


Below are approximate times for interclubs (times may change depending on weather conditions):

8-9:00 am: Breakfast / Check-in / Changes
9:30 am: Skipper’s Meeting
10:00 am: Harbor Gun for First Race
3:00 pm: No Races Begin after this time
4:00 pm: Awards


Sailors must abide by all rules established for this event and by the decisions of the Race Committee and Protest Committee. LBIYRA Races are governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of the U.S. Sailing Association (including the Code of Conduct), the LBIYRA Rules & Regulations (as defined in the LBIYRA Handbook), and any applicable Class rules.


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Brant Beach YC Interclub 2022 registrations.

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