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JAM 2023



JAM 2023


Port Madison YC, Bainbridge Island, WA

Notice Board

8/202023 - 1515 - RC Boat Docking Time

protest time limit 1545

8/20/2023 - 7:30AM

PRO has thrown out ILCA6/Laser Radial Race #3 due to video review of the UFD status at the start.  This race should have been a general recall >90% of the fleet was over early.  For this class only, Race #4 now becomes Race #3.  Thus, only 4 races were completed on Saturday for ILCA6 class. 

Sailing Instruction Modification:

V-15 fleet may be started with the FJ fleet at the discression of the race committee.  If this happens, it will be announced verbally by the race committee for each applicable race.


Sunday 930 Coaches & Safety Meeting -- On the dock near the committee boat

Protest Hearing after races conclude on Sunday: FJ Race #3, FJ 4 protesting FJ 36


8/17/2023 - 11:15PM

Sailing Instructions - v1 are posted

NOR Amendment 3

NOR 3.6 is changed to read: Registration is closed as of Monday, August 15, due to an unexpected significant increase in the number of registered sailors. Boats are being admitted from the waitlist.

NOR Amendment 2-

NOR 3.6. Opti Green Fleet is capped at 10 boats (charters are still available). All other boats are capped at 120 total boats.

NOR Amendment 1-

NOR 2.2 is changed to read: "Fleets must have three (3) boats registered by Monday, August 14, to qualify for a start."


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