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C420 Spring Fling



C420 Spring Fling


Notice Board

Good afternoon from your Race Committee


We will not have a formal Skippers Meeting, so we would like to relay a few things here on the Notice Board.


Please be sure to check your registration for names and sail numbers. Remember, life jackets are required!


Our first warning on Saturday will be at 10:30 a.m. SHARP! We will start with the Spinnaker class (pink flag) followed (not rolling) with the Non-spinnaker class (green flag) on a five minute sequence. 


The Race Committee boat is a 47' Bayliner named "Great Scott" and we will be stationed approximately north and east of the U.S. Sailing Center (in the vicinity of Mercy Hospital). We will be monitoring VHF Channel 71 and expect all coaches to monitor that channel for any safety concerns we might experience. We are counting on the coaches to assist if necessary. We intend to run multiple races so will keep them in the 20-25 minute range, and will run them with short breaks between.


See you tomorrow morning!


The Race Committee




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