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C420 Pacific Coast Championship and Perry Series #1


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Hosted by Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club

San Pedro, CA

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San Pedro, CA

Notice Board

Protest filed:

6625 vs 55.  Meet at top of ramp near RC boat/club ASAP  

Day 2 RC Boat docked at 1625.  Protest time ends at 1710.

Day 1 RC Boat docked at 1755.  Protest Time ends at 1840. 




Notice 1 (9/15 @ 1230):  The Sailing Instructions were amended to make two minor changes, as follows: 

A)  In SI 14, the word starting was changed to finish line.  This corrects an obvious error.  

B)  In SI 6, the Sunday schedule was updated so that there will be "No start" after 1600.  The NOR states no warning after 1600, so this SI is slightly more restrictive.      

Notice 2 (9/16@1000):  The Sailing Instructions are changed as follows:

Delete original SI14.

Insert:  SI 14 THE FINISH - The finish line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on the RC Signal boat and an orange
object at the port end of the starting line. This object may be a flag on a pin, a flag in a boat, a round fender or a
tetrahedron. This changes RRS Race Signals.  


Notice 3 (9/16 @ 1100 and discussed at Competitors Meeting):  The course chart indicates that the second "lap" of a two lap course should go through the S/F line.  The Start and The Finish as defined in the SIs are not marks of the course except when starting or finishing.  As such, competitors DO NOT need to pass through the S/F line when sailing from the leeward mark to the windward mark.  

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