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2024 ILCA No-Coast Championship


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Hosted by Ft. Worth Boat Club

Fort Worth, TX

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Fort Worth, TX

Notice Board

Sailing Instruction Update/amendment April 27

In regards to section 3 of the SI's, in order to catch the 4.7's up who only got one race today, we will be reversing the harbor launch and starting order.

Harbor launch and starting order for Sunday the 28th, will be ILCA 4, ILCA 6 & ILCA 7


Sailing Instruction Update/Amendment April 27

Sections 5.2 and 7.2 should read.

5.2. The course will be provided on a white board or other written display on the starboard beam Signal Boat prior to the warning signal for each race.

LA2- (Four Legs)

LA3- (Six Legs)

7.2. Start Line will be between a staff with an orange flag on the port side of the RC boat and the course side of a yellow cylinder off its port beam, or the staff with an orange flag on an anchored line set boat off the RC boats port beam.


Sailing Instruction Update/Amendment April 26.

Appendix P of the RRS will be in effect. Section 1, Rules should read as.

  1. RULES

1.1. The Organizing Authority will govern the regatta by the rules as defined in the 2021-2024 edition of The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), including US Sailing Prescriptions, rules of the International Laser Class Association Rules (ILCA), the Notice of Race, and these Sailing Instructions.

1.2. If there is a conflict between the NOR and SI’s, the SI’s take precedent.

1.3. Appendix P, Special Procedures For Rule 42 of the RRS will be in effect.



Calling all ILCA 4, 6, 7 sailors and coaches. Come and join GCYSA and Coach Alex Dyet for a bonus starting clinic on Friday 26th April.


The plan will be as follows 

- 5pm-5:30pm briefing (Sailors already rigged)

- 5:45pm- 7:30pm on the water training

- 7:45pm- 8:15pm debrief


The session will be based on starting and first beat planning. 


Craig Johnson

+1 (469) 584-8561

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