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Jr. Olympic Fun Festival Rye Rumble



Jr. Olympic Fun Festival Rye Rumble


American Yacht Club

American Yacht Club

Notice Board

We will be hosting our annual Rye Rumble un-regatta, which is sponsored by US Sailing again this year. Unlike most of the bigger regattas, this is geared towards adventure sailors who just want to go out, have fun, and meet new friends. We highly encourage all of our adventure sailors to participate. The coaches will decide what boats the kids will sail in, Feva, Open Bic, Hobie, or Ideal 18.


Sailors that arrive before 915/930 can register and then check out the Rosalia Project that is visiting until midday.


10 AM is the projected start time

I'd recommend having your kids in a little early so you can tow over.  


Days Events:

Arrive/Sign in

Tour giant cool boat with Rosalia project

Big Meeting and Creation of SIs in front of sailors 


Some examples of our guiding principles:

1.) Have fun

2.) Meet new friends

3.) Try something new


Potential Events

BIC Expression Session off of the dock (singles and pairs... 2 minutes heats)

Distance Race

Reaching Start for Hobis (lots of announcements on timing and coaching)

Opposite Day for sailors

   *Downwind or Reaching Start

   *must hit marks as you round  (if you miss must do 360)

   *Any boat that hits another BOTH have to spin (360)

FunRegatta Format for BICs

   *Limbo on the reach

   *Capsize on a reach


We will send sailors out with a snack bar in the morning, 


We still recommend your sailors bringing snacks & water bottles.


Pizza will then be provided on shore at between 1:30 and 2:00 pm


Expression Sessions off the dock at 3


Demo off the dock for sailors that would like to try something new.


Awards and Wrap up at 3:30


Please contact: with any questions or concerns.



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Entry List

Jr. Olympic Fun Festival Rye Rumble registrations.

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All Classes

Bic (1 sailor)

Bic (2 sailors)


Feva (2 sailors)

Feva (3 sailors)

Hobie Wave (3 sailors)

Hobie Wave (4 sailors)

Hobie Wave (5 sailors)

Ideal 18 (4 sailors)

Ideal 18 (5 sailors)