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Wednesday Evening Series, Summer '22



Wednesday Evening Series, Summer '22


3475 Ripon Road

Notice Board

Sailing Instructions Amendment # 1: No Race Officer

If no race officer is present to conduct the race then the race shall be conducted in the fashion of a winter long distance race.

Boats shall communicate on marine VHF channel 09 between 1810 and 1815 hours to mutually agree upon a distance course and an around-the-buoys course, each course to comprised of some of the fixed marks defined in the sailing instructions.

The starting line shall be between Discovery Isle whilst tied to its dock and mark "C".  If no signals are made from Discovery Isle then the distance division will start at 1820 GPS time and the around-the buoys divisions will start at 1825 GPS time.

Each boat shall record her GPS finishing time at her finishing mark and submit that time to the scorekeeper using the feature provided on the club's website for the submission of distance race finish times.

3 May 2022
Peter Mills
Racing Fleet Captain Interim


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Entry List

Wednesday Evening Series, Summer '22 registrations.

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All Classes

ATB Div 1: PHRF rating up to 160

ATB Div 2: PHRF rating of 161 and higher

Distance Div 1: PHRF rating up to 115

Distance Div 2: PHRF rating between 116 and 168

Distance Div 3: PHRF rating 169 and higher