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Green Island Cup Regatta



Green Island Cup Regatta


Notice Board

The Third Annual MC Scow Green Island Cup Regatta, this one-day regatta helps MC sailors transition from summer to fall sailing. Overall winner will get their name engraved on the Green Island perpetual trophy.


Additional Information:


Bar and Grill:

SAYC Bar/Grill will be open to all competitors, guests of competitors, spectators, and friends of the event. Lunch for competitors is included in the registration fee.



Spectators are welcome on the Shore Acres Yacht Club grounds. We have ample patio and deck seating facing the prospective sailing venue. Spectators are also encouraged to bring their own spectator boats. Shore Acres Yacht Club has a large beach, a small ramp, and a one-ton hoist for launching and abundant bulkhead space for pre- and post-race docking. Additional ramp launching options and a gas dock are available for purchase through our neighborhood marina Drum Point Marina.


Camping and RV’s are Permitted on SAYC grounds, but please email for permission/instructions first. Local hotels include: The Best Western (732)367-0900


The competitors are ultimately responsible for the risks (See RRS 3 Decision to Race). The decision to enter the regatta, to start or continue any race is up to the competitor. Furthermore, each competitor accepts full responsibility for his/her actions during any activity related to the event, including onshore activities. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for property damage, personal injury, illness, or death sustained in conjunction with, prior to, during, or after the regatta.


For any further information please contact Brendan Hogan (see SI for contact information).


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